I just wanted to list some of the resources I'm using to make my site.

I'll make a whole section for resources eventually, but for now I'll just put them here!

All links open in a new tab.


lissa explains it all

html & css explained for kids.
this site has a special place in my heart!


extremely useful resource for html, css, javascript & more!


cool tool for writing & troubleshooting codes!
useful for experimenting or learning.
can even "tidy" your code for you!

-Web Hosting & Tools-


fc2 is a free japanese webhosting & blogging service.
there are lots of custom blog templates made by users to choose from.
also offers cute customizable counters! (like mine!)

-Web Design-


i used canva to make my site's layout.
a lot of (mostly) free clipart to choose from!
also useful for making wallpapers, calendars & youtube thumbnails.


photopea is an online image editor.
has a lot of basic features that photoshop would have.
great for making transparent .pngs!

spriter's resource

loads of video game sprite sheets!